Our Services

Nightingales offers a variety of services, depending on the requirements of our patients. Care levels and routines can be quickly adjusted to suit the changing needs of our patients.

Basic home care

Carers will work to your home schedule, performing basic household duties such as bed-making, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, washing and ironing, as well as assisting patients with their personal needs such as bathing and grooming assistance, meal preparation, and exercises programs etc.

Night care

Carers ensure that patients are tended to during the night hours, when accidents are most likely to happen. They assist in the preparation of the evening meal, bathing and bedtime routines and are on immediate call when their patient requires assistance.

Live-in care

Carers live with their patient for a week at a time, on call 24hours a day. They assist in basic housekeeping, meal preparation, exercises programs, bathing and grooming, medication reminders. Routines are set by the patients' requirements.

Palliative care

This is an emotionally distressing time for family and friends. Carers assist by relieving from the family the day to day care of the patient, and to reassure the family of the patients' condition. The carer will assist in bathing, dressing and feeding when required.

Alzheimers and Dimentia

This is perhaps one of the more difficult things for family to deal with. Memory loss causes confusion and anxiety in patients and sadness, helplessness and frustration and in family members. Carers help in maintaining a daily routine, ensuring that patients are clean, well groomed, eat regular meals and have the correct medication on time.

This is of enormous benefit to the patient who wishes to remain at home, and a relief for family members who are not always able to do this themselves.

Transport / Mobility

Ensuring patients are taken to their medical appointments accompanied by their carer for support and assistance. Carers also assist in mobility in and around the home.

Bathroom and Grooming Assistance

Carers are trained and experienced in assisting patients to bathe and to assist them to dress where required.

Medication reminders

Carers ensure that patients have the correct medication at the correct time.

Exercise Assistance

Exercise is vital for physical and mental fitness, and carers will assist in these routines designed to help improve the patients' strength and mobility, working together with the patients' instructor to ensure they are carried out correctly.

Meal Preparation

Carers are trained to follow a dietary program and will ensure that their patients are given healthy nutritional meals, and ensure that their patient is eating properly throughout the day.

Incontinece care

Incontinence is a common and distressing problem, and carers are trained to deal with this in a caring and sensitive manner.


Social interaction with a carer helps to alleviate loneliness. They can read to their patient, play games, chat or just watch TV together. The patient is able to do this as and when it pleases them. Carers can also assist in accompanying their patient to visit other friends or on walks.

Communication / Emergency Procedures

Carers are trained recognise signs of change and or distress in their patients and will immediately inform their supervisor of a change and ask how to proceed. They communicate with their patients' family, GP and other people involved in the day to day care of their patient to ensure that changes are made when needed. Carers are also trained in how to deal with an emergency, and management staff are on call 24 hours a day to deal with this.

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