Nightingales 5th Birthday

on Tuesday, 22 October 2013.

Nightingales 5th Birthday

"It is hard to believe that not so long ago Nightingales Home Based Caring Services was fledgling little business, and suddenly we are now 5 years old with a staff compliment of 37 carers, 2 Nightingales transport vehicles and an ever growing client base and a website!" says Mark Meadows of Nightingales. "Mrs Jenny Pringle has (not so recently) joined Nightingales in a supervisory capacity and ably assists me with clients with their transport needs and personalised home care. Jenny has proven to be a wonderful asset and ambassador for Nightingales and can be seen driving around Howick in the Nightingales van. We are extremely fortunate in having a very loyal staff compliment, many of whom have been with Nightingales since inception, and we wish to thank them for their loyalty, reliability and their commitment to their work, which very often can be difficult and emotionally upsetting, but at the same time so rewarding. Without them, Nightingales would not be what it is today."

"It has been shown so many times that in-home care, allowing people to remain in their own homes and surrounding for as long as possible, enhances the dignity and quality of life and recovery speed the elderly and / or infirm. Nightingales will continue to offer this personalised service providing in-home care customised to the unique health care requirements of our clients. Nightingales staff can assist with everything from a bed bath to walking the dog. Nightingales firmly believes in working hand-in-hand with our clients' family, GP and specialists to ensure they receive the best home-care possible, whether the patient be recuperating, palliative or just needing a little home assistance."

Sadly there is a growing trend of families being split, as younger generations seek greener pastures elsewhere, and elderly parents are facing their twilight years alone. Nightingales seeks to bridge this gap by ensuring that elderly family members are cared for and have the on-going support their own families are unable to provide. In turn, family members have peace of mind knowing their family members are being cared for at home by qualified and experienced staff, and are kept up to date with their family's condition.

"We owe HUGE debt of thanks to all the GP's and specialists of Howick, with whom we liaise and consult on a daily basis. They have given us an enormous amount of support, encouragement and guidance over the last 5 years. Thanks must also go to Howick Hospice, HADCA, Howick Hospital, dentists, pharmacies, physios, the frailcares of Amberfield, Amberglen and Ambervalley and the Howick community that embraced the idea of Nightingales from the very beginning. It is because we all work so closely with one another to care for our elderly and infirm that Howick is the special and unique village it is today. Nightingales hopes to be a part of that special community that is Howick for many more years to come."

For more in-depth information on the services Nightingales offers, please got to or contact Mark Meadows on 0823014270 or nightingales[at] for an in-home care assessment.

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