10 Warning signs of ALZHEIMERS

on Monday, 01 April 2013.

10 Warning signs of ALZHEIMERS

A memory problem NOT caused by alcohol abuse or head injury, which seems to worsen over time.

Language problems. Difficulty in naming objects or finding the right word to use in a sentence.

Zips and buttons. Alzheimer's patients find it hard to dress themselves.

Hygiene. Patients may no longer care how they look and are resistant to bathing.

Extreme mood swings. A change in mood for no reason – they could be calm and suddenly become scared, angry or aggressive within minutes.

Impaired judgement. Strange behaviour, eg putting of underclothes over outer garments, or taking clothes of in public.

Many people with Alzheimer's get lost in familiar places.

Even recognition of their own family members becomes difficult.

Recall childhood memories, but cannot remember what happened the same day.

Suspicious of other people, often accusing of stealing or hiding things.

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